Personal Training

I believe that fitness and nutrition are not a one-size-fits-all, as each individual is different and so is his body, his preferences, his way of sticking to a routine, and so on.

Therefore, my primary objective is to help you reach your individual goals through a personalized training program. Together, we will set realistic, achievable and maintainable goals! Whether you want to lose weight, get toned, build muscle mass, improve your endurance or simply feel more energetic, I will create a unique, custom-made program matching your individual goals.

And remember 3 things:

1. I am there to support you throughout your whole journey;

2. I make sure to create result-oriented workouts, yet not forgetting about the fun, enjoyment and safety;

3. I find a way to get you challenged, encourage you to give the best out of yourself, and push you to your limits regardless of your fitness level.

So, let’s get moving together!

*I also offer small group Personal Training sessions (2/3 individuals)*


@David Lloyd Amsterdam

@Amstel Passage (Amsterdam Centraal)

My clients’ goals are my own goals as well;

My clients’ achievements are my own achievements as well.