Food is your fuel! For achieving optimal performance, it is essential to nurture your body with proper nutrition.

I believe that fitness and nutrition are not a one-size-fits-all, as each individual is different and so is his body, his preferences, his way of sticking to a routine, and so on. Therefore, my main objective is to help you reach your individual goals through personalized nutrition plans.

My nutrition plans are primarily focused on having a proper ratio of macronutrients and proper amounts of food, in line with your taste and preferences. When necessary, I will give you suggestions on cutting back on certain foods and/or making some replacements in your nutrition.

What is crucial for having long-term health results is that proper nutrition becomes your routine. I am definitely not a fan of diets and starving! Strict diets can lead to slow metabolism, lower energy levels, disordered habits, and eventually not lead to sustainable results, but rather gaining the lost weight back (aka yo-yo effect). And again, we’re all different, so it doesn’t make much sense that one diet would work for everyone.

So, it is important to properly calculate the macronutrients YOU need and fuel your body with the right amount of the necessary nutrients, while avoiding starving or binge-eating. This doesn’t have to be complex, but rather simple so that you can implement it in your daily lifestyle and make it your long-term routine.

Get personalized nutrition plan, practical tips on how to incorporate healthy eating in your daily routine, a better understanding of nutrition, and more!

Remember, even small changes in your nutrition can make a big impact on your overall health & wellbeing!